Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center

 Kimono wearing experience

 Yuzen dyeing experience


Kaga Yuzen Kimono Center

Kaga Yuzen is characterized by its distinctive use of color and vivid patterns for kimonos. This hall introduces the manufacturing process of Kaga Yusen, a typical traditional craft of Kanazawa, and sells finished products as well. Artisans' coloring demonstration is performed, and the following experience menu (subject to reservation) is prepared as well.

<< Kimono wearing experience >> 2,000 yen including admission fee and commemoration photography after dressing (20 minutes).

<< Strolling in kimono >> 4,500 yen including admission fee and one-hour stroll after dressing (20 minutes) or 6,000 yen including admission fee and three-hour stroll after dressing (20 minutes).

<< Yuzen dyeing experience >> From 1,620 yen for dyeing Yuzen-patterned handkerchief.